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- Dr. Ramesh Sawhney

Ramesh Sawhney, medical director and founder of anesthesia services, Irving Place Surgery & Wellness Center. Irving Place Surgery & Wellness Center anesthesia team is led by Ramesh Sawhney, MD. Once Sawhney recognized that the needs of surgeons and their surgery centers were evolving faster than their anesthesia support services, he worked with his colleagues to foster innovation in anesthesia delivery. Sawhney has more than 25 years of experience in heading anesthesia groups and developing the protocols necessary.

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- Healthy Food

Eating is considered as one of the most important parts of our everyday living. Without which we can’t expect the life to exist. The foods we eat are the single source of energy and nutrition. Through the consumption of food we can get a glimpse of a person’s lifestyle. But you may be wondering what is healthy food? At times we get confused over what to eat and what not. We have been reading about health and care and healthy eating habits daily in newspapers, health magazines

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